Features designed for effective communication.

We worked hard to provide you with tools to reach people.

We believe Pathway has the features you need to better track and manage your communication. With the right tools, your staff and volunteers will be equipped to make sure that you can reach out and connect with each person that engages your ministry community. Pathway provides you with the essentials to establish contact and stay engaged.

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Make calls from anywhere

Place calls from any phone and Caller ID will show your church’s phone number, so more calls will be answered.

Assign and manage contacts

Use Pathway’s auto-assign tool to quickly distribute calls to your team based on a preset limit and/or gender.

Send ministry specific emails

Send templated HTML emails with a personal note, bridging the gap between when a person asks for more information and actually gets it!

Automatic notifications

Emails are sent automatically to let a volunteer or staff member know their assignments are ready, or a connection needs follow up.

Organize via campaigns

Each volunteer, staff member and department sees only the campaigns they need keeping Pathway simple, uncluttered, and efficient to use.

Details for each interaction

Store notes and information about each call, allowing you to look back on each communication in order to facilitate a better ministry experience.

Assess and measure productivity

Measure the success of your callers with detailed reporting on calls made, average times, completed calls and much more.

Set individual availability

Members of a campaign set their own availability and preferences so you don’t have to check up on them prior to making your assignments.

Keep your team up-to-date

A flexible messaging tool allows you to communicate with your entire team or select individuals to keep them up-to-date.

Manage exceptions effectively

Manage the changes along the way by quickly dragging and assigning contacts to other callers as needed.

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